Mojo's Carnival of Smiles

These are all the posts I made after seriously injuring myself, describing the accident and my eventual recovery. Many of them were written under the influence of prescription drugs. If you ever got high or drunk and convinced yourself you were really funny so you got a tape recorder to record just how incredibly marvelously hysterical you were, and then played it back when you were sober only to discover it wasn't funny at all.... wait, where was I? Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed suffering third degree burns for your entertainment. You're welcome.

And We're Back!

The horrible agonizing growing pain I have noted last week is just as quickly disappearing as the regrown nerves get covered over. My Favorite Husband can now once again dress me normally instead of having to smear the bandages with goo.

The wounds are finally drying up, too. The nonstick pads still have some blood on them, but it is no longer leaking out onto the dressings beyond, let alone creeping down to my elbow and getting on my shirt. It's nearly entirely filled in.


Weekly Update Number 6

A busy week. The book sale is going on at the library, so I've been running ragged. Started off in pain, but it's been lessening every day. At least it's not the hit-the-ceiling sort of pain like before. Now it's just stingy.

Raided what I hope will be my last drug store for supplies. This last store is not as far as I've gone before. I've been saving it for just such an occasion. No one is reordering the pads I require, the jerks. If I planned ahead with my life I would have just ordered them online, but I never knew from one week to the next what we would need for dressings.

Weekly Update Number 7

So I went to the doctor's again on Friday. Doing VERY WELL, thanks mostly to my Favorite Husband's obsessively thorough care. My arm hardly leaks goo at all anymore, except for one little spot. I suspect that will clear up in a week or two.

Pictures! We Gots The Pictures!

Well, one picture. Of my armpit. Just to quell the insatiable curiosity of some people who keep asking about it. This was taken over a week ago, nearly six weeks after the accident. Don't worry, squeamish people, it really doesn't look that bad anymore. It just looks like a really huge bad skinned knee now. And if you don't think you can even handle THAT, then don't click on the headline or the "read more" link below.

I took another picture yesterday morning, pretty much the same pose. I've been complaining all along I can't even see it, so imagine what fun it is to try to get pictures of it. I suspect my Favorite Husband will think I've gone off the deep end if I ask him to take them, so this is all you're gonna get. I just can't twist that way to get my back.

So I'll break this after this paragraph. Again, if you think you'll be squeamish, don't click, and then don't complain to me about me grossing you out and ruining your day. And for those of you saying, "What is Mojo complaining about? That doesn't look so bad!" you will just have to take my word for it that it was quite horrifying at first. Or ask that poor emergency room nurse I frightened out of the room. You know, the one now studying for the postal exam....

Weekly Update Number 8

My arm officially closed up this weekend. Still looks all skinned and nasty, but it is no longer weepy. GIANT milestone. And to think, it's only been two months!

So now the only thing left is to see how badly it will ultimately scar. And that won't be determined for another year or two, according to what I've read. So I guess it's pointless to continue updating, since now hopefully nothing will happen except gradual improvement.


Mojo's Slow Progression, in pictures!

One last set of pictures. Why? Because Mojo is one of those morbid types. Also because I think it's rather cool (now that it's not so gruesome) to see the healing that is taking place in leaps and bounds.

These three pictures were all taken a week apart. The first was taken around six weeks after the accident (it's the same ol' one I showed before), then again a week later and a week after that, which is the beginning of this week. Last weekend was when my wound finally closed up, which is a moment of celebration.

I will break it here so the squeamish can look away.

Last Update Ever!

...Or at least so I hope.

I was rather thinking the last update would be the last one, but since I went to the doctor's for the VERY LAST TIME last Friday I figured I should have one more, at least to announce that last Friday I went to the doctor's for the VERY LAST TIME. At least that is my assumption.


Mojo's Debut...

This weekend we went to the movies for the first time in forever. We saw Denzel in Deja Vu. It was okay. Rather silly, and they spend a lot of time explaining the fabric of space/time to moviegoers who mostly just want to see things get blown up and shot.