Mojo's Carnival of Smiles

These are all the posts I made after seriously injuring myself, describing the accident and my eventual recovery. Many of them were written under the influence of prescription drugs. If you ever got high or drunk and convinced yourself you were really funny so you got a tape recorder to record just how incredibly marvelously hysterical you were, and then played it back when you were sober only to discover it wasn't funny at all.... wait, where was I? Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed suffering third degree burns for your entertainment. You're welcome.

That's What Mojo Gets For Bragging.

Okay, so I didn't get all my wood in. I have an excuse. Also an excuse for the short blog posting.

After a refreshing morning bath a few days ago, I noticed my well pump was running overtime. Not good, since it can overheat. So I go down there. Sure enough, it's way too hot. I go to shut it down manually, which involves reaching over it to the switch on the wall behind it.

And that's when it decided to explode.


Some Good News.

Saw the surgeon late yesterday afternoon. I was hoping when he took the dressing off I'd get a good look at things, but one of the things I'm noticing is that NONE of the examination rooms I have been in the past few days have mirrors in them. Not so much as a hand mirror. But I did get to look at my upper arm a bit, which was good because yesterday morning when I looked at it it didn't look as good.

Does It Hurt?

Okay. It's been about six days since The Accident. I have second- and third-degree burns covering most of the bottom part of my upper right arm, and a somewhat larger patch traveling its merry way over my shoulder and down my right shoulder blade.

And for some reason--probably because I am not necessarily focusing on this little factoid, both because I assume it is self-evident and also because I don't think there is anything positive to glean from dwelling on it--some people have taken to asking me, "Does it hurt?"


Unforeseen Complications.

No, not bad things. Just things you don't think about until it happens to you.

My dressings are slowly getting bigger and bigger. Not because the wounds are getting all that bigger, although they sort of are as the dead stuff starts coming off. No, the dressings are getting bigger because we are running out of new places to tape them onto my body.



I saw my back yesterday, totally by accident when I tried to take off my bathrobe and inadvertently ripped the dressing off. I had to put it back together myself, with the wooden handle of a massage thingie my Favorite Younger Sister once gave me as a present (tools are what separate us from the animals!), and got a good look in the process.

Weekly Update Number Two.

This past week was actually more painful than the previous week. The injuries themselves seem to be waking up from shock or regrowing nerves or just randomly deciding to hurt. There's a lot more ichiness, though, which indicates healing. And it's not bad pain--it feels like bruise pain for the most part. That, and very stiff muscles from holding myself funny for two weeks.


A Minor Setback.

No, not bad. More of an emotional thing than anything else.

Friday turned out to be not such a hot day. I had the day off, except to pick up some more dressing supplies (which takes a while, because none of the pharmacies around here have EVERYTHING I need so I basically make the rounds and wipe the shelves clean at the closest two or three). I decided what I needed or wanted that day was a nice big giant weepfest. Men don't seem to understand this, not even My Favorite Husband, who is usually so understanding of things female, but ain't I right, girls?

There's a Sale at the Pharmacy!

...but just my luck, it's not on surgical supplies. It's what they are calling a "beauty sale". Meaning, I suppose, makeup and mascara and maybe body lotion.

I find the irony especially delicious. Silly me, wasting all this money on surgical pads and paper tape, and plundering their shelves twice a week! When like all good Americans, I should be striving to make myself look Beautiful.