Marilla Cuthbert, PATIENCE OF A SAINT

Everyone in the Anne of Green Gables universe is shrieking--both pro and con--about the new Netflix series based on LM Montgomery's timeless classic. I've seen the first one, and I can take it or leave it thus far. While yes, it is darker than other interpretations--and, to a point, in the at times tiresomely voyeuristic let's-dwell-on-the-beatings-a-la-Mel-Gibson sort of way that is so popular now--my main complaint has been more along the wild flights of fancy that never once appeared in the book(s) that are now appearing to flesh out the story into a multi-seasonal series. It's as if Anne herself had a hand in reintrepreting the story, and she has decided to make it as DRAMATIC and TRAGICAL as humanly possible. 

But all Anne stuff has the most welcome knife cutting through the treacle, in the personage of Marilla Cuthbert. I have tolerated Anne through the years, but I ADORE Marilla. And, to be honest, there is no getting around the late, great Colleen Dewhurst in the 1985 series to REALLY be Marilla, although the new Marilla, Geraldine James, is doing a good job of it thus far, so I can grudgingly forgive her for not being Colleen Dewhurst.

Find My iPhone!

Find my iPhoneSo I forget my phone this morning. Mojo feels naked and afraid. I must have left it at home.

And then I start thinking: what if I DIDN'T leave it at home? What if I left it at the GAS STATION? What if it's in my car? What if it's forgotten and abandoned in the lawn in the rain on the way into where I am now?

Finally I decided to calm down and check up on it via the Find My iPhone website.

And there it is--just to the right of the mighty Connecticut River, which is where I am right this second.

Which means, it must be HERE somewhere.

So I check all my pocketses. No dice. I look around the desk. Nope.

Mojo's Waste of Time is YOUR Amusement

Okay, so I was totally bored this morning, which happened to correspond with my finding the Drought Monitor's drought information graphics for the entire country going back for the past sixteen years or so. Yes, in addition to her many other charms Mojo is something of a weather weenie, and in particular for the past year since we're just now climbing out of a fairly horrific drought by New England standards.

A Nation Holds Its Breath

Omnimchannel!...while two TITANS fight for supremacy in this Brave New World of Digital Content.

WHO will win out in the quest for being the go-to phrase to describe what's going on (which is the ability to spread your content over several different platforms, including mobile, desktop, etc.)? Shall the phrase people throw around in an effort to sound like they know precisely what they are talking about be "TRANSMEDIA"? Or the spunky newcomer, which my brain can only say in a booming, drawn out, echo-ey announcer voice: "OMNICHANNEL"?

...And, perhaps even MORE IMPORTANT: WHO shall win the clip art battle to depict such a thing?

A Cautionary Tale Regarding the Power of Positive Thinking


Idly window-shopping for a desktop computer. Not 'cuz I need one; just 'cuz. Idly lusting after a $4,000 setup.

Then my brain sez, "OOH! OOH! You should totally check out that discount computer website you sometimes go to--maybe they will have the EXACT SAME THING for, oh, say, fifty bucks!"

So I went to their site.


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