Off to the Big City!

Even a confirmed backwoods rube such as myself must sometimes heed the siren call of a more glamorous life. I am off to NYC to cover the Little Women the Musical press conference for the website. Sutton and company will be singing four or five songs. I will put clips on the LWOB site as I edit them.

Incidentally, the fox is back this morning, snoring away under the same tree. I think I've got another regular!


Speaking of Wild Animals....

Yesterday a fox spent the better part of the morning napping in the backyard. I was printing out a big job for an editor and kept squinting out the window trying to figure out what was under the trees. S/he was the same color as the pine needles, but something didn't look right. Finally I got the binocs, then the DV camera. Here's a picture:

Stupid People.

My sister sent me one of those series of pictures you often find circulating the internet. I won't reproduce any here, both 'cuz of copyright and also in a feeble attempt to stop encouraging people to repeat such stupid, stupid behavior.


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