Words of Wisdom.

I was going through an old journal last night and, found these words of wisdom I wrote during a particularly low point. I offer them now to those who might be going through a similar rough patch, to inspire you and lead you to greatness.

"When one door closes, another either opens or you are trapped to die a slow miserable death."

Just in case.

Just in case, God forbid, I am somehow incapacitated and can no longer make my wishes known, here is written instructions on how I like to cook and eat hot dogs. Not that I ONLY eat hot dogs, but you know.

1. The local Costco only had Hebrew Nationals, but I've decided I don't like them. They do not seem to "blacken" properly. I don't know if this is a pork thing or an Oscar Meyer thing, but I've decided I prefer Oscar Meyers.

It's been a while, huh?

Excuses, excuses. I've been down for the count for over a week now with pleurisy brought on by my Ellen DeGeneres cold from three or four weeks ago. It's been very painful. I've been living on various OTC pain relievers and toying with the idea of seeing a doctor, but every day I think "If I'm not better by THEN I'm calling the doctor" I feel better on the target day and put it off.

Off to the Big City!

Even a confirmed backwoods rube such as myself must sometimes heed the siren call of a more glamorous life. I am off to NYC to cover the Little Women the Musical press conference for the website. Sutton and company will be singing four or five songs. I will put clips on the LWOB site as I edit them.

Incidentally, the fox is back this morning, snoring away under the same tree. I think I've got another regular!



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