Schick Intuition Razor Free Sample!

Yes, my friends, Christmas magic has sunk to an all new low with this truly craptacular gift. I believe Santa himself gave me this. In my family, a gift from Santa can mean one of three things: a tiny stocking stuffer; a gift you give yourself but you don't want the family to know (not the case here I assure you); or a gift so putridly bad you are ashamed to attach your name to it for fear of reprisals. And believe me, my family WILL retaliate if you give them the slightest opportunity.

Mojo's Holiday Craptacular--The Ceramic Pig's Head!

Oh..... Dear..... Lord..... In.....Heaven.....

What can I possibly say? This thing sells itself. Or at least so I hope and pray on a daily basis.

It's a pig's head. It's white. It's ceramic. It's got these weird red plastic eyes that seem to glow. This pig whispers to you while you're sleeping and tells you to do evil things in your dreams. One look and you can see why those kids went bonkers in Golding's Lord of the Flies. Or was it Lord of the Dance? I tell ya, anyone who claims to be the Lord of Anything is obviously up to no good.

Craptacular Revisited

I've been working on the product descriptions for my Holiday Craptacular. I'm almost done. I hope people take it in the spirit it is intended, but who knows. Like Bette Midler says about people who can't take a joke. Still I rather hope morons who don't get it don't start lecturing me. Oooooh, yes, please, random stranger, I've been just WAITING for you to stop by and lecture me so I can change my life to suit your preferences!

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Finished up the Olmstead video. I'm getting quite good at Final Cut Pro. And I must admit I'm an absolute whiz at Flash animations. Still it took most of yesterday to prepare it for today's meeting. So I've been busy.

And Wednesday I was in NYC all day for a producers' meeting. End result: let's take the website up a notch. Translation: more work for Mojo. It keeps me out of trouble, I guess.


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