I'm back....

Actually, I've been back since Monday afternoon, just too busy to update anything.

The Craptacular ended this morning. It was an awful lot of fun. Met a lot of nice people, had lots of laughs, good experience all around.

Mojo Off Hobnobbing

I am busy finishing up the new Flash intro for LWOB prior to braving the blizzard tomorrow to attend the opening night of Little Women down in NYC. After is an intimate party of several hundred people at the Tavern on the Green. I have tons to do in the meantime, so don't expect to hear from me until Wednesday at the earliest....


New Edict.

Okay, I liked Finding Nemo as much as the next person. But as a preemptive measure before I actually become Queen of the World, I am already decreeing a moratorium on any and all advertising materials using the song "Beyond the Sea".

Stop it! I don't mind the song, just not morning, noon and night! Give it a rest, already!


More Busy-ness

Got the Craptacular up last night, and it started this morning. I was surprised how many people have already looked at things. It's averaged over ten hits per item--over 160 at last count, and that's only half the day.

Got emails from six total strangers thanking me for the laughs, which was nice and totally unexpected.

Today I am working feverishly on LWOB trying to get the forum software to tweak and use it as a membership thing. I think I've figured out how to do it. I also went out and bought fishnets for the opening--yowza! Wotta babe!

Two Pastel-Colored Hand Towels!

The Requisite Back Story:
Every year, a Certain Someone gives me hand towels. It's what they do. Every year they come in a nice holiday box in a bed of tissue paper so they won't break. Now, I don't mind hand towels—let me go on record as saying I am an Active Proponent for Personal Hygiene, and washing one's hands is an integral part of the process. These are fairly nice quality towels, but they are always purchased with no regard for any sort of color scheme, real or imagined. So unless there's some sort of Fiestaware trend in hand towels that makes mixing weird colors Fun and Kicky I really have no place for them in my house.

Metal Suncatcher Deely-Bop Thingie

Extra credit goes to anyone who can tell we what in heck 'n' tarnation this thing is. At first I thought it was some sort of huge tree ornament. My husband thought it was a suncatcher. Maybe it's both. It's sealed for your protection in a heavy plastic bag I have not opened. It's about 5.5 inches in diameter, sorta flower-shaped, and it's made from a surprisingly heavy gauge sheet metal. The fasteners used to hang it seem to be the sort of thing people would use for deep sea fishing lures, but since there's no treble hooks or feathers attached to it I'm guessing it's NOT a fishing lure. That would be one heckuva tuna, eating this thing.


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