Eh. Don't Bother.

I purchased the collector's 2-disc version of King Kong for the library and we watched it in preparation for seeing the new release. As my husband was putting it away he commented that he didn't remember it being as disturbing and horrific as it was. I then watched the special features where I found out a) Peter Jackson is directing the remake; b) Peter Jackson is a HUGE original King Kong fan and c) the reason why it was so disturbing is because the Hollywood production code made them take out some 4.5 minutes out of the 1933 original in 1938 and it was only restored for the DVD from a print they found in England.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A bit early, since folks might be travelling tomorrow.

As a bit of nostalgia, here is a link to the audio of what I believe should be in the top ten of the funniest television moments EVER (right up there with Chuckles the Clown's funeral on the old MTM show), and particularly appropriate for this holiday: the WKRP Great Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway. The only thing missing is the ultimate tagline of that classic episode:

"As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Enjoy! And share it with your friends if you like. Gosh, I LOVED that episode...

Squid Song up on Lulu

I put the whole Christmas Squid song up for sale on I figure a dollar a download is a real cheap way to annoy your friends.

Here is a very large AIF if for some sadistic/masochistic reason you would ever want to burn it to a CD:

And a much smaller MP3:

Enjoy! Well, enjoy torturing people with it, anyway...


Squid Update

I recorded the squid song today. I was going for an obnoxious elementary school pageant feel, and I think I have succeeded. At the very least my throat is very sore. I did about five or six vocals, from as high as I could go to as low as I could go, with lots of screaming.

Best of all it is a truly horrific earworm. It just goes on and on and on, as repetitive as all get out. I ransacked the house and put tracks on of about every noise-making thing I have. There's a banjo track, an ocarina track, a cowbell track, a couple of keyboard tracks, two kazoo tracks... yeesh.

How Time Flies!

It's been forever since I wrote an update, huh? Nothing too exciting to report. Still unemployed. Sick again; another cold. I'm at my traditional coughing-til-I-puke stage. The LWOB site went down in flames Friday afternoon and only staggered back up early yesterday morning. That was a stress I could have done without, but say la vee.


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