Squid Song up on Lulu

I put the whole Christmas Squid song up for sale on Lulu.com. I figure a dollar a download is a real cheap way to annoy your friends.

Here is a very large AIF if for some sadistic/masochistic reason you would ever want to burn it to a CD: http://www.lulu.com/content/156430

And a much smaller MP3:

Enjoy! Well, enjoy torturing people with it, anyway...


Squid Update

I recorded the squid song today. I was going for an obnoxious elementary school pageant feel, and I think I have succeeded. At the very least my throat is very sore. I did about five or six vocals, from as high as I could go to as low as I could go, with lots of screaming.

Best of all it is a truly horrific earworm. It just goes on and on and on, as repetitive as all get out. I ransacked the house and put tracks on of about every noise-making thing I have. There's a banjo track, an ocarina track, a cowbell track, a couple of keyboard tracks, two kazoo tracks... yeesh.

How Time Flies!

It's been forever since I wrote an update, huh? Nothing too exciting to report. Still unemployed. Sick again; another cold. I'm at my traditional coughing-til-I-puke stage. The LWOB site went down in flames Friday afternoon and only staggered back up early yesterday morning. That was a stress I could have done without, but say la vee.

Winter Weasel

Ratty cat likes to run out on the porch whenever I open the door. Problem is it's cold out there, and I can't keep the door open. If he doesn't come when he's called, I sometimes shut the door and leave him out there in the foolish belief that I'm somehow teaching him a lesson. (Yeah, I've owned cats my whole life; I KNOW you can't teach them a lesson, but I refuse to accept that for some reason.)


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