Ceramic Duck Sponge Holder!

Weird ceramic duck sponge holder thingie


Okay, so I think we've determined I'm not the greatest housekeeper out there. But hey—even if I may be the anti-Martha I can still spot useless crap at a hundred yards. This is one of those things.

I suppose if you like little ceramic duckies you will like this. But a scrubber sponge the size of a postage stamp? Um, when I make a mess, it's not a dainty little thing that requires a swipe with a tiny thing like that. Think more along the lines of "open gallon of paint being flung about the room by an angry gorilla".

"I Love My Country Home" Pillow/Deathtrap!

"I Love My Country Home"
Pillow-Type Decorative Implement/Apparent Deathtrap

Yeah, I live out in the country. Yeah, we used to have chickens, though we owned Rhode Island Reds and not this generic artist's representation of what appears to be a Barred Plymouth. And yeah, I do rather like my house, despite its many flaws, although I don't think it's quite strong enough to call "love". A family member, say—yes, then it would be love, and quite frankly, I would abandon my beloved country home and live with them under a bridge if the situation warranted. While I enjoy living here, I would not say that about my house. Still, people use "love" to mean lesser sorts of love—like, say, chocolate—so I guess I COULD say I "love" my country home in the sense that, if I DIDN'T "love" it, I would probably move. I mean, duh.

Vintage Montgomery Ward Hairdryer!

(My suspicion--or perhaps my INTUITION?--is that this little number will prove to be the Schick Razor of 2006. Just a feeling. Prove me wrong!)

I was cleaning house the other day (this whole anecdote, unfortunately, kinda demonstrates just how often I clean house) when I came across this leatherette pouch. We've moved it around from house to house through the years. I always thought it was some grooming utensil my husband kept but when I finally questioned him he didn't know—he thought it was mine. Looking at it I had no idea what in heck 'n' tarnation this thing was, but since it had a power cord I decided to follow my impulse to plug it in and see if the house blows up.

Eh. Don't Bother.

I purchased the collector's 2-disc version of King Kong for the library and we watched it in preparation for seeing the new release. As my husband was putting it away he commented that he didn't remember it being as disturbing and horrific as it was. I then watched the special features where I found out a) Peter Jackson is directing the remake; b) Peter Jackson is a HUGE original King Kong fan and c) the reason why it was so disturbing is because the Hollywood production code made them take out some 4.5 minutes out of the 1933 original in 1938 and it was only restored for the DVD from a print they found in England.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A bit early, since folks might be travelling tomorrow.

As a bit of nostalgia, here is a link to the audio of what I believe should be in the top ten of the funniest television moments EVER (right up there with Chuckles the Clown's funeral on the old MTM show), and particularly appropriate for this holiday: the WKRP Great Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway. The only thing missing is the ultimate tagline of that classic episode:

"As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."


Enjoy! And share it with your friends if you like. Gosh, I LOVED that episode...


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