Origami Sculptures

Handmade Origami Sculptures

People ask me, Mojo, what do you do with your time when you're not writing these fabulous Ebay item descriptions for your craptacular? The answer is simple. I do other things. Like this.

One thing I do is, I sell origami animals as greeting cards. They're called Sculpted Greetings. People write a message and/or upload a picture, choose a color, and all this personal stuff gets folded up into the model of their choice. As a result, I have a house full of these tiny little origami animals that I folded ages ago to take the pictures for the site. They have no messages or personal pictures in them--or if they do it's a bogus message--but they are otherwise too cool to really throw out. Which puts me in an odd psychological dilemma--I don't WANT them anymore ... they have served their purpose ... but I can't bring myself to throw them out or burn them.

So here's your big chance to get a whole BUNCH of non-personalized origami animals. Unlike buying the retail ones you DON'T have a choice of colors or sentiments: just what you see here, a whole buncha little critters that fit in the palm of your hand. Now that I have used them for my own evil purposes they're just gathering dust, so they could use a good home.

There is.....

An Eagle

A Coyote

A Triceratops

A Deer

A Flamingo

A Seahorse

A Fox

A Pteranodon

A Buffalo (Bison)

A Bear

A Penguin

A Vulture

A Rabbit

A Brontosaurus

A Goldfish

A Turtle

A Crow

A Weasel

A Frog

A T-Rex

A Spider

A Stink Bug

A Snake

A Whale

An Elephant


So feel free to take them off my hands. Totally handmade out of imported papers and dipped in wax. These things actually take a long time to do and there's something of a backlog if you want a custom-made one, but if all you ever wanted in life is an origami zoo you can't go wrong with this. Let the bidding begin! Or not. Whatever.

In case you're wondering, all of these origami models were designed by John Montroll and used with his kind permission. As designer he gets a percentage of all sales, just for being him. Which is how it should be. If you want creative people to keep creating you gotta pay 'em, people! So even if you lose this auction buy his books!