Bird Brain, Redux

I was in a building the other day with these cool 1970-esque Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired floor-to-ceiling windows and I kept hearing this loud tapping, like someone was signaling me to let them in the building.

Turns out it was a turkey hen, apparently having a squabble with her reflection.

Sorry for the poor quality. It was my first time using my Awesome New Cell Phone for video. I'm not giving up my DV camera anytime soon, I tell you whut.

I've been neglecting my YouTube Channel. I've been meaning to put up all my wolf videos, fox videos, praying mantis videos, etc. but I haven't had the time. But for now you lucky ducks know you can always click on the Mojo's Media link at the top of the page. I just repeat this information in case some STUPID person stumbles on this, but we all know Mojo's reader's aren't stupid, are they. No they are not. Well, they're at least smarter than your average reflection-befuddled turkey.