Gosh, This Is So Wonderful....How Can *I* Help?

Mojo Merch

There are several ways even a dweeby nobody such as yourself can support the continuation of Mojo's Craptacular and keep Mojo in the high-flyin' free-wheelin' lifestyle she is so accustomed to. (I mean, you think she whines and complains NOW, just imagine how intolerable she'd become if she ever had to live under a bridge and eat rats or something.)

Here are some of the most obvious suggestions:

Books Merch Media Hell, Just Give Her
Money Already


1. Buy Mojo's Books!



2. Buy Mojo's Merch!



Oh, and if you're a numa... a numee.... a noomata... a... a coin collector looking for Mojo's Aunt Mary Coin Shirts, look no further! (That means click on the link. It will take you to the page with the purty coin pitchers.)


3. Buy Mojo's Media!

Mojo sometimes puts the media she mentions in the blog up for sale on various sites. You can see or hear most of it for free, but if you want a higher quality file (or if you just want that feel-good glow of giving her money) this is another way to do it. Right now she only has a few things up, and they're pretty atrocious. You are forewarned.



4. Donate!

(That says "donate", not "donut". While Mojo like donuts, she would much rather you donated so she could then BUY donuts, since she is VERY PARTICULAR about WHICH donuts she eats.) Sad as it may sound, Mojo is entirely devoid of any real dignity and will take any spare change that may come her way. Go ahead and click on the link if you feel a particular laugh was worth a dollar or two. Or you can just read it all for fun and not give the likes of her a plugged nickle.