So in the middle of the night the dog begs to leave the bedroom. (We have to lock the cat out because he's so yowly.) So I let her out. And this morning, I come downstairs to THIS:

As I see it, there are three possible conclusions one may draw from this tableau....

1. Awwwww!

2. Gee, these tickets Mojo sold me to her heavily-advertised fight-to-the-death cage match really aren't worth the paper they're printed on, huh?

3. Gosh, look! Mojo's pets are even lazier than SHE is!



I vote for option no. 1, "Awwwww." Dogs and cats can be great buds... and more. I still sorely miss my male mini dachshund Nicholas (who was never "fixed") and my little blue cat Sabrina (who *was* fixed, but for the most part very tolerant of attention from a prurient pooch). Nicky and Sabrina were fast friends from the beginning and loved to wrestle, and eventually the wrestling matches turned into humping sessions.

True, Nicky never actually achieved penetration -- that would have been perverted, and I would never allow such a thing -- he just humped Sabrina's back, but it was good for him, most of the time, and apparently fun for her. Sometimes she would wait till just before he reached his moment of glory, and then would turn around, hiss, and slap the living crap out of him. He would run away whining, dragging his little woody that was almost as long as he was...

Alas, Nicky and Sabrina are no longer with us, and I never took any video or stills of their coupling. Damn. Would have made good blog material.