Happy Burnday!

No, not burthday. That was a week ago yesterday, thank you very much for all the large expensive gifts. (I DO accept large expensive gifts all month, if one is thus inclined). No, today is the first anniversary of Mojo's Carnival of Smiles, a source for many more amusing complaints and whinings than even Mojo is ordinarily capable of.

So what has Mojo learned in the ensuing year? First, that getting a very large third degree burn is not as much fun as it sounds. I have slowly come to realize (yeah, Mojo is slow on the uptake; what else is new) that it is a much more serious thing than I took it. In my defense, I must say I was on percoset twenty four hours a day for the first month or two, which did help with the pain, but it also served to lower people's expectations, since I spent all that time telling people it wasn't that bad.

It wasn't that bad because I was TOTALLY WHACKED OUT ON DRUGS, it turns out. As the MONTHS and MONTHS went by and the prescriptions ran out it slowly began to dawn on the clearing fog that was my mind that it was pretty darned serious. And I am reminded now, a full year later, that it still bothers me constantly.

I am told it's going to take another year before things finally clear up. I am getting tired of it, to tell the truth. It closed in late November and I assumed then it was just a matter of a couple of weeks. Here it is a year later and I'm still waiting. It still is constantly bothersome, like a really bad, raised bruise that gets irritated if it's hot and humid. It's fading a little, but not very fast.

And I won't even get into the ordeal of wearing long sleeves this summer. When I last saw the doctor in late November or early December he said I would have to wear long sleeves and I was like, no problem. Well, it turns out Mojo DID have a problem. It was very uncomfortable to wear long sleeves, in case you couldn't guess for yourself. Plus it looked stupid, and although that usually doesn't affect me that much when one is miserable one grasps at whatever straws one can to support that misery.

I'd take a picture but my camera has been out of commission since I loaned it to a five year old to drag over a bunch of rocks. Yes, Mojo is that smart. Has there ever been any doubt?