Wildlife Week, Part THREE!

Watch as Mojo's Dramatic Description Skills turn an average encounter into another Wilderness Saga!

Once again it started innocently enough. Mojo happened to glance out her window and see her back yard was, yet again, FILLED WITH WILD BEASTS. And once again Mojo got her trusty camera out to DOCUMENT the DRAMA.

I start this clip just as one of these bucks goes on HIGH ALERT. Why, you ask? Because our dog, Rosie, has just come out the dog door and is now making her rounds about the house. Totally oblivious to the fact that she is sharing the yard with two large antlered beasts.

OBSERVE how TERRIFIED the deer becomes! Notice his DESPERATE FLIGHT to SAFETY. Watch as my dog instills such UTTER TERROR the poor beasts that... ah, heck just watch....



In a Perfect World I would not have to bring this up, but Mojo has encountered Many People in her sordid life. Including people with a remarkable ability to be totally BLIND to the thoughts and feelings of "dumb animals". For example, I have seen people--grown adults, mind you, NOT toddlers--who have attempted to pet an obviously unfriendly dog--by that, I mean a dog crouching and snarling and showing his teeth and glaring angrily at the approaching hand--while saying things like, "Oh, look at the cute doggy!" I kid you not.

Therefore I feel obligated to point out that my above description of the events depicted in this clip might NOT be as accurate and honest as Mojo's reputation would lead you to believe. Yes, Mojo occasionally indulges in sarcasm. Shocking, I know. (Wait, I think she's doing it again!)

All this just to say "deer in the yard last week. Two of 'em. Here's the clip." I think Mojo's embellishments make it much more interesting, don't you?