My Horrible Accident

It's very hard to type right now, 'cuz my right thumb is bandaged and I'm still on the woozy side. But despite my best intentions I can no longer do WORK, so I figure blogging is the next best way to waste time.

I'm trying to set up the wood stove in what's ultimately going to be the kitchen. I'm all gung-ho now, since I don't have a job to go to and I figure I should spend my time productively. So 7:00 am I am at the hardware store buying stovepipe. Back home around 8:00 am. Little coffee, watch the news, and then it's off to work on the porch around 9:00 am.

(Funny thing--while I'm gingerly carrying the stovepipe into the house I'm thinking to myself, "Gee, this is sharp; I should remember to wear gloves". End of rational thought.)

Fit it all together, and then try to force a round bit onto an oval bit on the stove itself. It WILL fit, just needs some persuasion. I hit it on the top with a rubber mallet while I held it in place on the bottom with my hand.

The bloodletting commenced some time around 9:10, with the first blow of the hammer. And did not stop for several hours.

My house looked like a crime scene, with bloody sneakerprints everywhere. I really think I did serious permanent damage to it. First time in my life I think I should have gone for stitches, but I didn't. At one point I thought I was going to faint, so I curled up in a fetal position on the floor by the phone. Eventually it stopped bleeding.

One disgusting anecdote: bang, it happened, and I thought I had smashed my thumb, and it really hurt, so I shaking my hand with my eyes closed going "Ow! Ow! Ow!" and while I'm shaking my hand I feel something and I suddenly think, "Hey, is it raining in here?"

The rest I will leave to your imagination.