My Anniversary

Tomorrow is my six-month anniversary of Mojo's Carnival of Smiles. And it's still hurt and healing. At least I assume it's healing. Truth is, it hasn't changed much in appearance the last three months or so. Still looks the same, just with different degrees of hurtiness that changes day to day.

But the best part is, I have a cold. I thought I might during my computer marathon, and sure enough I do. So it just goes to show you, computers are bad for your health. I have now SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN IT.

What's that you say? Anecdotal evidence isn't valid? But I KNOW it happened to ME!

Moral: beware of people throwing science terms at you in an effort to make their wild theories sound "scientific". And anecdotal testimonies, no matter how fervently the person believes their story.

I wish I could go to bed right now, but I have to see the accountant to get my taxes done. Mojo knows how to live!