Desert Rose Cream and Sugar Set!

Desert Rose Cream and Sugar Set!

Yep, just when Mojo says, okay, this whole table coordination thing has gone too far, you can't possibly come up with anything else on the table that needs to be the exact same pattern as all the other stuff....along comes these two fellows.

Now, Mojo has heard of civilized people actually using cream pitchers and sugar bowls instead of just tossing the cardboard carton and/or paper sack right on the table, but since it is highly frowned upon to let her loose among nice people and since she herself has more specific coffee needs, she sees little reason to keep this set for her own self. Especially since, for all I know, someone out there is just DYING for this.

The sugar lid has a small chip--front and center--on the little bud that makes up the handle. This does not alter its functionality--for let's face it, it's not exactly rocket science, now is it? --but if you are looking for absolutely pristine collectibles instead of everyday use you will want to keep looking, or just look new lid.


While these come as a set they appear to have two different marks on their respective bottoms. I have no idea what these marks mean, but I trust you Desert Rose/Franciscan people do. The sugar bowl is on the left, and the pitcher is on the right. And, as usual, if you right-mouse click you can view the image in a separate window and see it much bigger.

All I can say is, if you set your table with all this Desert Rose stuff I am selling, I have the sneaking suspicion some sort of camoflage effect will be achieved, and you will be unable to distinguish the sugar bowl from the butter dish from the napkin rings. But then again, nobody ever invites me out to a nice dinner, and they rarely unchain me long enough to throw scraps into the cage, and I never once watched Martha Stewart's Apprentice show when it was on--although I have on occasion leafed through her magazine if there is nothing better to do, and she does appear to like animals, a trait Mojo holds in high esteem, and truth be told I have never once sat through an entire episode of American Idol, for that matter, and, um.... wait, I forgot where I was going with this. Cream and sugar. Selling. Right. Anyway, bid if you're interested, and have a nice day if you're not. And don't try to defend American Idol; I really don't want to hear it. Not that I particularly HATE it. Hard as it is for some people to grasp, I really don't care one way or another. Ditto most, if not all, reality shows out there. Thanks.