Set of 4 Desert Rose Dinner Plates!

What's a Table Setting Without ... Plates?


Answer: A bunch of people eating off of your good tablecloth, that's what! And if you like to do laundry as much as I do, you will probably want to invest in some plates to keep the swine you call friends and business associates from completely destroying your house. Or at least your dining room table.

Granted, Mojo really has no friends, probably due to her hypercritical nature and poor social skills, and has a tendency to eat her meals hovering over the kitchen sink. So she is not the best judge of tableware and fine dining. I suppose these are regular dinner plates, since they are about 8 inches in diameter, but to my eye they seem a tad small for real dinner plates. But maybe that's because Mojo tends to think more along the lines of a "trough" when it comes to eating. On those rare occasions wherein I actually eat in public, we actually have a saying, somewhat along the lines of "let's eat early so we can beat the pigs to the trough" which, like most critical statements, really reflects poorly on the speaker as much as the subject.

Plates. Like most other Craptacular items lately, this is from the apparently famous and popular "Desert Rose" collection. I am guessing they are later acquisitions than some of this stuff, since the imprint on the back mentions dishwashers and microwaves, as you can see. So either they were made after 1980-ish or the Franciscans catered to scientists who worked with microwaves on a regular basis and wanted something a little splashier than your standard petri dishes and pyrex.

I'm assuming that these marks mean something to those who are interested in these. Or if you just want plates to go with your other stuff and you don't care how old they are so long as they match. Or if you just want to class up your skeet shooting, a poor joke that will no doubt upset the people who collect this stuff. No, I'm not advocating the destruction of nice things. All I'm saying is, once you buy this stuff, it's really out of my hands what you decide to do with it, huh? Unless your own life is so pathetic you decide to mindlessly follow the advice of some complete stranger on the internet. Which I guess some people do, but I don't see how I can be held responsible for the actions of morons.

Oh, dear, this item description isn't going well at all, is it? I should be telling you how lovely these plates are, and how if you are a reasonable person you should be lusting after them and mortgaging your house to acquire them. I'm just not good at the hard sell, as they call it. Bid on them if you want, or just ignore my ramblings and have a nice day anyway. Because Mojo is all about Enjoying Yourself and Having a Good Time. And if that entails a shotgun and raining bits of crockery, who am I to judge?