Four MORE Desert Rose Bowls!

A Day in the Life of Mojo

Yeah, like you care. But people are asking why this whole Desert Rose auction thingie is so harum-scarum--yes, even by Mojo's admittedly flighty standards. To which I say, because every morning, when I go into my office, I haven't the foggiest notion what I'm going to find. Over and above any presents that cat has left me. Because, as I said before, all this stuff was packed while I was off doing Other Things. So what I have here is a very large Rubbermaid-style tub (that looks like it is used to water livestock) chock full of wadded up newspaper. And so every day I reach into this tub, feel around until I get two or four things that feel like they are the same shape and size, and unwrap them to see if I am right. It's kid of like a magical grab bag, only it's not magical at all but just an ordinary Rubbermaid-style tub.

So when people complain that there is no rhyme nor reason to this latest fiasco, all I can say is, yep, you're right. I have no idea what each day might bring. Some day I might sell what appears to be bread plates, only to discover next week they were actually saucers when I finally excavate the cups from the mounds and mounds of newspaper. This is why Mojo likes to look at stuff before people pack it away and ship it to her. Havin some vague notion of what's in there really cuts down the song-and-dance Mojo relies upon when there is no factual evidence to back up her wild accusations. And while yeah, sometimes it is fun to watch someone squirm under the spotlight, it is considerably less fun when you are doing the squirming.

So this whole Desert Rose thing is catch-as-catch-can, whatever that means, and here is Victim One of such a shoddy gameplan. I just listed a set of four cereal bowls the other day, and here I've found another four. So if you are suddenly experiencing Craptacular Deja Vu, no, it is not due to the usual culprit (Mojo's laziness and just rehashing old auctions), but rather to Mojo's reaching into the Magical Rubbermaid-style Tub and pulling from its newspapered depths four more bowls, pretty much exactly like the old ones.

Nonetheless, since Mojo is studiously particular, she went and took all NEW photos of the new set of bowls, because she is very concerned that What You See Is What You Get. Although they all seem to have the same marks on them and all that stuff. I have NO IDEA what the marks mean, but as I said before I'm guessing these were purchased sometime in the late Fifties or early Sixties. I call them cereal bowls, since they are the size one traditionally eats cereal out of, but for all I know they are really called something else, like fruit bowls or dessert bowls or ice cream bowls or water bowls for your pets. Although if your dog is like mine a bowl this size would be empty in a matter of seconds.

But no, my friend, you are not seeing double. Thus far I have pulled two sets of four bowls out of the Giant Vat of Desert Rose dishes. What will come tomorrow? We'll just have to see, huh? So bid if you want 'em, or bid on BOTH sets and have Bowls for Eight.Whoohoo! And now Mojo will go back to bed, and dream that tomorrow will give her something other than hopelessly exciting BOWLS to write about.....