Desert Rose Salt and Pepper Shakers!

Okay, Mojo is going to make a tiny confession here. She kinda thinks that, if someone sets a table in which everything matches perfectly, there is something wrong. Perhaps it's just Mojo's skewed outlook on life, or maybe her bizarre childhood (always blame the parents!) but when I encounter a table where the dishes, the placemats, the napkins, the napkin rings, the candlesticks, the tablecloth, the butter dish, the serving platters and everything else comes from the same, it's just odd to me. Of course Mojo is not exactly the Martha Stewart type, even though she shares many cultural similarities, and fine dining to her means she actually brings the food to the table instead of eating it over the sink, so perhaps she is not the best judge of such things.

Anyway, what we gots here is the next item on our Desert Rose Craptacular, which are Desert Rose salt and pepper shakers. And not just any ol' S&P shakers, but used ones complete with BONUS SPICES. At least I assume that was the stuff coming off the newspapers when I was unpacking them. If you think I am going to taste it you've got another think coming.

I assume these were only used when important company came over to dinner. I assume that because, even though I've been with the family for over twenty years, I've never seen piece ONE of the Desert Rose stuff on my Favorite MiL's table in all the dinners I ate there. No, only now that they are moving and no longer have the space for it, NOW is when I see all these nice company dishes and paraphenalia. Hmmmm.

So anyway, if you are the sort who wants everything to match and you are lying in bed awake because your salt and pepper shakers do NOT, here is your chance. Well, it's your chance if you happen to have everything in the Desert Rose pattern, everything except your salt and pepper shakers, of course. And if you're plum out of salt and pepper besides, and you don't mind eating what I assume is like 20-year-old spices, boy oh boy this is the auction for you. Two Desert Rose salt 'n' pepper shakers, complete with BONUS S&P, straight from a stranger's kitchen to your door. Because this is what the internet is all about, huh? Sure, we may talk about cultural exchanges and promoting world peace and understanding, but it's really about getting more stuff really cheap and easy. Bid early, bid often. Sorry, but the Certificate of Craptacularity you get with these is NOT a specific Desert Rose pattern, so you will just have to deal with that. Sorry.