Busy, Busy, Busy....

Finished up the Olmstead video. I'm getting quite good at Final Cut Pro. And I must admit I'm an absolute whiz at Flash animations. Still it took most of yesterday to prepare it for today's meeting. So I've been busy.

And Wednesday I was in NYC all day for a producers' meeting. End result: let's take the website up a notch. Translation: more work for Mojo. It keeps me out of trouble, I guess.

We had maybe six inches of snow yesterday, followed by rain so it got really heavy. I went out to snow blow while the computer was rendering and I was very happy we bought a snowblower last year. Before that we shovelled, and shovelling the stuff yesterday would have probably killed me. It was very heavy stuff. It took a long time to clean. Then my Favorite Older Sister came over to work on the video and she ended up spending the night on the couch because of the icing.

Oh, and the fourth was my dad's 71st birthday. We went to some depot-style train-themed restaurant. My nephew is absolutely mad about trains, so he was very happy. Problem is he knows much more about them than most people, and heaven help you if you make a mistake about them. The waitress said something about the light fixtures and he instantly corrected her--"They're CABOOSE LIGHTS." Very loudly.

More snow tomorrow; another three to six inches on top of what we got. Yay!