A Minor Setback.

No, not bad. More of an emotional thing than anything else.

Friday turned out to be not such a hot day. I had the day off, except to pick up some more dressing supplies (which takes a while, because none of the pharmacies around here have EVERYTHING I need so I basically make the rounds and wipe the shelves clean at the closest two or three). I decided what I needed or wanted that day was a nice big giant weepfest. Men don't seem to understand this, not even My Favorite Husband, who is usually so understanding of things female, but ain't I right, girls?


My arm hurt enough that I ended up taking one of my ibuprofen horse pills during the day, and it didn't make me sleepy one bit. And so I flopped on the couch and popped in my Favorite Weepfest of All Time, which is Emma Thompson in the film Wit, based on the Pulitzer-winning play. I just ADORE Emma Thompson, for I think she is smart and literate as well as a talented actress, and Wit appeals to me on so many levels, both as a weepfest and as an intellectual snot. It's the story of a college professor, dying of stage 4 ovarian cancer, who finds herself the object of study instead of the scholar. And her field of expertise is the metaphysical poetry of Donne, all about Life and Death in the abstract, and her scholarly analyses start conflicting with her real life need for kindness and comfort as the treatments rip her to physical shreds and the researchers studying her treat her as she so often treated Donne's poems.

There's a particularly great scene in the middle, the "popsicle scene", where she and her nurse finally discuss how she wants to die--whether she should be DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) or Full Code (Hook 'er up to a million machines and keep her alive forever). And after that scene she has a great soliloquy with the camera where she notes that, after years of studying complexity, how now she longs for simplicity and kindness. And, a great line that totally slaps the intellectual snot in me right in the face, she says something like, "I thought being extremely smart would take care of it. But---I have been found out." Emma Thompson is just so wonderful in it throughout. I just LOVE it.

Anyway, I had a good cry and then I watched Mary Poppins, because I adore Mary Poppins and sort of thought there should be a new punk feminist Joan Jett sort of cover for the song "Sister Suffragette". And then I watched the final rap battles of 8 Mile afterward just because as corny as it sounds I really enjoy watching bad people get their comeuppance no matter how clich?