There's a Sale at the Pharmacy!

...but just my luck, it's not on surgical supplies. It's what they are calling a "beauty sale". Meaning, I suppose, makeup and mascara and maybe body lotion.

I find the irony especially delicious. Silly me, wasting all this money on surgical pads and paper tape, and plundering their shelves twice a week! When like all good Americans, I should be striving to make myself look Beautiful.


I am grateful that my back is no longer so scary the sight of it would chase medical professionals out of the room. At least I don't think so. Relativity is everything, and perhaps skews my perception. Perhaps to the uninitiated it still looks kinda "bad", but all I can say is, you shoulda seen it when it REALLY SERIOUSLY looked bad.

So the things I need so that I don't die a slow and painful death from an infection are still full price. But should I want mascara or blush....ahh. Then I'd save some serious money.

This is such a comfort. But then again, I just ADORE irony.