More Good News.

Saw the doctor again on Friday. I am doing well, he says. Almost definitely I won't require any skin grafts or surgery, which is good.

I've been researching skin grafts just in case. Mostly wondering how you can take skin from one part of you and stitch it to another part of you without creating two wounds instead of one. Turns out how it works is, they don't take ALL of your skin from the "donor" site. Instead they shave some layers off, like splitting leather into suede. These shavings are thin, like tissue paper. And so you don't have an open wound behind, but just a thin-skinned area that soon grows regular skin again.


The Favorite Husband has been commenting nearly every dressing change that things are looking noticeably better just from the twelve hours or so between dressings. And when I got home from the doctor's it was even better. The doctor trimmed off a great deal of dead stuff (I noticed he very discretely covered things up with a cloth when he was done so I wouldn't see the pile of dead skin and whatnot he accumulated) and the Favorite Husband said that evening that everything looks a lot better now. Sort of like one of those facial things to remove the dead layers.

The arm (which was the worst hurt, and the worst blistered, and the thing that sent that poor nurse into conniptions when she saw it) still has a long way to go, but it's moving along. Hurts like the dickens. The Favorite Husband thinks there WILL be a scar there. But he's thinking once all the dead stuff is gone from my back--maybe a month or two from now--it probably won't be that disfigured or even discolored.

I'm doing well enough the doctor says I don't have to see him for two weeks. By then I will have run out of pain killers, so I'm hoping to be LOTS better by then...God willing and the crick don't rise...