That's What Mojo Gets For Bragging.

Okay, so I didn't get all my wood in. I have an excuse. Also an excuse for the short blog posting.

After a refreshing morning bath a few days ago, I noticed my well pump was running overtime. Not good, since it can overheat. So I go down there. Sure enough, it's way too hot. I go to shut it down manually, which involves reaching over it to the switch on the wall behind it.

And that's when it decided to explode.


Luckily for me I was still in my bathrobe, and luckily for me it was a bathrobe so I could skin it off real quick when it finally dawned on my confused brain ten seconds later that my sudden drenching with water was in fact horribly hot scalding water.

And luckily for me I was turning away at the time, though not quick enough.

First degree burns on most of my right armpit, second and possibly third degree along the underside of my upper arm and a bit on my back. The most amazing blisters I have ever seen in my life. I paced around with some freezer packs on it for a while, but then ended up driving myself to the hospital for some painkillers. (My Favorite Husband was in New Hampshire for the day helping his parents move.) Although I am not the competitive type and I have not known the joys of vaginal childbirth, I'll pit getting a badly burned armpit against getting a child out anyday.

Thus far the after effects have not been as bad as I initially feared. I expected to remain in excruciating pain, but it's tolerable. I have a gift of shutting off pain anyway; it's part of my charm. And Oxycondone, it turns out, makes me higher than a kite. But just the day before I bought the new Simpsons season eight, so I have something to laugh at. Whoo hoo!

But I will have to continue my vacation from the Craptacular until I have better use of both arms...maybe next week.