Ding, Dong!

Jayne wrote me today to tell me that one of the Woodside culprits, Ursula, died, apparently some time in 2003.

Heh. One down, one to go.

In case you're wondering how this pertains to me, well, let's just say in a former life I hung out a great deal on the misc.writing newsgroup. (If you can't get enough of me from this blog, you can search the newsgroup archives for "Mary Jo" or (long story) "Penthesileia, Queen of the Amazons". Or "Fluffy the Wonder Stallion" (another long story linked to PQA).)

During my misc.writing tenure I was peripherally involved in the now-famous sting against the Woodside Literary Agency when they were harrassing Jayne. As "Kiki Rothschild" I wrote a dreadfully offensive book proposal (both in content and in style) which the Woodside people wanted to represent (for a fee, of course