Found it!

Here's the Leaning Tower of Pisa parody, courtesy of the Nielson Hayden site. I think it's absolutely hysterical, but it's NOT family-friendly, for those of you who may object to strong language.

The blog ad software sometimes does some funky things to the page, so search for the word "tower" if this doesn't work.

I can't find out why or who took it down off of Amazon, though in my wanderings yesterday someone did say AR's post violated several Amazon review rules. I've never cared about posting reviews on Amazon, so I don't know the rules, or whether or not that theory for removal is valid. But when I left work yesterday there were some 260 reviews, and when I logged on at home it was down to under 200, so someone did a lot of pruning, not just AR's comments. Which was probably valid--many were getting to be personal attacks, not people who were commenting on the quality of the book.

Me, I read Interview when it made a big splash several years ago, and while I didn't hate it it didn't cause me to want to devote my life to the author, either. Eh. To each his own. Clearly I am no judge of what will be popular or not in this country--I thought the same thing of Grisham, and MZB, and currently Dan Brown. Not bad, but not the bestest thing in the whole wide world.

And don't get me started on the musical "CATS", for which I will sum up my feelings about both it and its enduring popularity with one single word: "Huh?" "CATS" is something I Just Don't Get. I mean, I like musicals, I like poetry, I like dancing, I like cats in general. But mashing them all together into "CATS" just leaves me with my jaw dropped in total incomprehension. Somewhere in the very first number, when they start chanting stuff like "Jellicle cats pee on the bed! Jellicle cats puke on the rug!" my brain starts closing down and I just want to crawl out of there. Go figure.