Dear, dear, dear.

This has no doubt been totally blogged to death, but what the hey.

There's a truism in the publishing industry that says an author should never, ever EVER respond to a bad review. And yet there is always someone (like me, for example!) who somehow thinks rules don't apply to them. But this rule in particular makes sense. At the very best, responding to a negative review only makes you look pissy and defensive. Worst case scenario, it's like driving past a car wreck--you don't want to look at such a public meltdown, but you just can't help it....

Amazon has apparently since yanked it, but Anne Rice decided to respond to several negative reviews about her latest book. In what can best be described as a rambling diatribe--and quite possibly the longest single paragraph in the English language--she basically asks, "who are YOU to criticize ME?"

...Which is apparently her attitude toward editors in general.

Many of her fans on a fan newsgroup thought it wasn't her until someone posted Ms. Rice's boast on her website:


My Email is, and I have posted a rebuttal to reviews of Blood Canticle on, and I have posted my Email there and I have answered some of the people who have written to me....."

Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear.

Earlier today I found a blog where someone parodized the exchange with the AR character being the architect for the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I wish I could find it again.... it was awfully funny.