Fanfold Pinfeed Cassette Liners!

Mojo's recent trend of a more intense feeling of "Why, Mojo? *sniff* WHY? Why did you hang onto this thing for so long?" continues with this little puppy. Mojo suspects this item will either TOTALLY make someone's day, or will be feeding the wood stove this winter. I suspect the latter, but leave it to eBay to surprise me.

What is it? At first I thought it was standard pinfeed fanfold computer paper. Then I noticed (ain't she a smart one!) it was not the right size for your standard 8.5 X 11 sheet. And upon closer inspection I noticed the perforations all over it. TONS of perforations.

The label on the bottom calls them "caseliners". Mojo pondered this for some time, She stared at the perforations to see if they made sense. Caseliners. Caseliners. Then it struck me: aHA! Case liners for cassette tape holders! I was so excited (well, not really) I found an old cassette tape in its plastic holder and held it up. Sure enough, that's what it seems to be. Most of the perfs are actually folding points to fold it around the spine, and have the little one-inch tab near where the hinge is. And the large part has the capacity of having a fold there, if you're following me, so you could have two tiny "pages" along the big blank part instead of just the one slip. So if you had extra-long notes or lyrics or whatever you could have more space for them. Catfish?

(Oh, dear, yet ANOTHER Simpsons reference. The "catfish" one occurred when Bart was caught shoplifting. The store detective abused him and scared him a bit, and then let him go and told him he was banned from the store. "I never want to see you in my store again! Capisce?" Later on when Marge announced the whole family had to go to that store Bart did a harp-music flashback where the store detective appeared in a thought bubble and yelled at him, saying "I never want to see you in my store again! Catfish?" which of course is exactly how a traumatized ten-year-old might interpret it.)

Anyway, that is what I THINK it is. It measures about a foot long, six inches wide and four inches tall. I don't know how many you get total. As you can see one of the corners of the plastic bag was broken at some point in its guestimated thirty-year history in a supply closet. So the top one got a hair dog-eared and has some dusty dirt on it and might need to be thrown away. But it looks like you will have plenty more where that came from.

Order today and get an equally useful Certificate of Craptacularity at no extra charge! Wow. So if you have one of those old pin-feed printers (I did, about twenty years ago...) and/or a special need for fanfold pinfed pre-perforated cassette tape holder caseliners (say THAT five times fast), you are in so much luck you'd better start pinching yourself. Go ahead--dance around the room, nobody's watching. Mojo understands your simple joy and revels in it in her own quiet, frowning "get out of my face" way. Or if you too have a wood stove and you will be in need of kindling this upcoming winter with oil prices like they are...well, if this doesn't sell that is this item's destiny if it remains in Mojo's house. So if you are a member of some sort of anti-cruelty-to-paper-products organization, you will want to get on the phone and call up your friends and start your shrill campaign. Because Mojo has a book of matches, and she knows how to use them! And if you don't want your little paper friend here to go "woof!", you'll do as I say.....