I'm back....

Actually, I've been back since Monday afternoon, just too busy to update anything.

The Craptacular ended this morning. It was an awful lot of fun. Met a lot of nice people, had lots of laughs, good experience all around.

Ditto the LW opening. It was my first time seeing the show all the way through, and the first time going to the Tavern on the Green. They served these really awesome desserts, in tiny postage-stamp sized bites. At first it sort of annoyed me to just get these tiny bits of cheesecake and flan and chocolate cake and mango mousse (is that how it's spelled?) but it turned out for the best. I got to enjoy all sorts of desserts, but I was too lazy to go up for seconds, so I had the pleasure of dessert without completely stuffing myself, which is what I surely would have done if left to my own devices.

I didn't see any celebs over and above those I already know, but rumor has it Rosie O'Donnell was at the opening. A family friend saw her and went up to her to compliment her on her work with adopted kids. He himself is raising five adopted kids with his partner. Once he said that Rosie thawed, took pictures with him and his partner, and wound up giving him passes to the gay cruise line she's the spokesperson for. Apparently the cruise line offers family cruises for gay couples. I thought that was real nice of her.

Oh, I did make the acquaintance of a very nice woman named Marian after the show. My brother introduced us. We had a very nice chat, she's a lovely lady, and the whole family basically adopted her and piled her into our bus we had hired to take us from the theatre to TOTG. I sort of lost track of her at the restaurant--it was really HUGE and crowded in there. Later on I was scanning the opening night pictures on one of the Broadway web sites and there she was. The site described her as "Tony Winner and Broadway Legend Marian Seldes" so it just shows what I know.

On the way back home my Favorite Husband decided to take one of his infamous shortcuts along a dirt road that the plows eventually stopped plowing. We had to keep the car moving or we would have gotten hopelessly stuck, but there was no place to turn around. So we kept white-knuckling it for a couple of miles of axle-deep snow until we reached the end of the road, which the town apparently blocked off. Snowmobiles made a path around the barricade, and since we'd get stuck trying to turn around my Favorite Husband went for it.

But of course snowmobiles are much lighter than cars and they had built their track around the barricade right over a nice deep ditch full of snow. We hit it and the whole right side of the car just sank. My husband cranked the wheel left to bring it back onto the road but the ditch had us and we just slid down the hill. And then at the last minute the left side wheels grabbed and pulled us out and back onto the road again. So we made it, when we could have just as easily gotten the car stuck forever, or at least until spring. We had a good nervous laugh over that. Out in the sticks, no cell phone service, no houses for a mile or two, bitter, bitter cold. I had my good down coat in the back in case I needed it, but I really just wanted to get home...

And now I am. Ahhhhh...All's well that ends well.