Scenes From Wedded Bliss

So the Favorite Husband decides to burn some old firewood in the firepit last weekend. Being the Favorite Husband, he piles everything up all at once, all willy-nilly, and sets it ablaze. He really enjoys fires. Before long there are ten-foot flames reaching for the sky. He has the garden hose out and ready Just In Case, but he is in his glory.

Mojo is inside doing laundry, and doing her best to ignore the TOWERING INFERNO outside. She comes out of the bathroom (where the laundry is) to find the Favorite Husband idly drinking juice from the refrigerator. Mojo puts on her best, prune-like disapproving look, since she would RATHER not have her house burn down around her ears. And yet fickle, fickle Love has decreed she must spend the rest of her life with someone who often gleefully states that, should he ever have all of his possessions destroyed--like, say, in a FIRE--he will just blithely go live under a bridge somewhere. (Mojo will go live under a bridge too if she has to, I feel the need to point out, but let us rest assured she will be COMPLAINING BITTERLY THE ENTIRE TIME.)

Anyway, there's a huge conflagration outside, and here is the Favorite Husband INSIDE, drinking juice. The following short conversation ensued.

MOJO: Do you think it's wise to leave the fire outside unattended?

FAVORITE HUSBAND: Oh, I am just in here getting a quick drink. Going right out again.

And he does. Mojo continues with her laundry tasks.

FIVE MINUTES LATER, the Favorite Husband is back in the house. Mojo assumes her prunesque disapproving look yet again.

MOJO (patiently firm, as usual): I thought we agreed the fire should not be left unattended.

FAVORITE HUSBAND: Oh, it's okay. Right now it is being closely monitored by a HUGE SWARM OF ANGRY YELLOWJACKETS.

It's been about five days now, and they are STILL swarming around the fire pit. Evidently, like Mojo, yellowjackets too are not that keen on having their house burn down around their ears.