Find My iPhone!

Find my iPhoneSo I forget my phone this morning. Mojo feels naked and afraid. I must have left it at home.

And then I start thinking: what if I DIDN'T leave it at home? What if I left it at the GAS STATION? What if it's in my car? What if it's forgotten and abandoned in the lawn in the rain on the way into where I am now?

Finally I decided to calm down and check up on it via the Find My iPhone website.

And there it is--just to the right of the mighty Connecticut River, which is where I am right this second.

Which means, it must be HERE somewhere.

So I check all my pocketses. No dice. I look around the desk. Nope.

It's been pouring rain, so I go out and retrace the path I took out to the car. Nope. Not in the car, neither.

So I'm back inside at the computer, staring at the indicator to the right of the river, and I decide to zoom in as far as I can to see if that will give me any clues.

First off, when I start zooming in, I lose the location dot right away... and find myself in an area chock full of towns I've never heard of before.  And no roads I'm wildly familiar with. So I start moving around, right and left, until I find a route number I know. Only none of the towns make ANY SENSE AT ALL.

So I zoom out again, and zoom in super-carefully, so I can keep track of the location dot. And very quickly I realize none of the road names make sense. Especially the cul-de-sac my phone is apparently residing at the moment, instead of anywhere near where it SHOULD be. I am NOWHERE NEAR any cul-de-sac that I'm aware of. I'm in the middle of a freakin' CITY.

Oh, great, I think. Someone's STOLEN IT. Freak out time. Do I wipe it remotely? Do I call the POLICE? Do I trust that most people are kind and right now someone's trying to get it back to me?

And then I notice there's something ODDLY FAMILIAR about this cul-de-sac. I zoom in a bit closer.

It's my mother-in-law's house, up in New Hampshire. Because I gave her an iPad for her birthday a few years ago, on my account, so she doesn't have the hassle of dealing with the phone company (since she's 90). And the Find My iPhone thingie is set to find EVERY APPLE PRODUCT I OWN, and it decided on THAT one.

So I reset it to find my iPhone instead of my iPad.

And there it is at my house.

Don't bother calling me today, okay?