Mojo's Waste of Time is YOUR Amusement

Okay, so I was totally bored this morning, which happened to correspond with my finding the Drought Monitor's drought information graphics for the entire country going back for the past sixteen years or so. Yes, in addition to her many other charms Mojo is something of a weather weenie, and in particular for the past year since we're just now climbing out of a fairly horrific drought by New England standards. Mojo happens to be one of those shrieky idiots who tends to care a tiny bit about, ya know, where FOOD is going to be grown and all, and while she does not live in what is called a "food desert" she DOES like eating once in a while and she has been watching the drought reports with interest. And while we are still in a double-digit deficit as far as water tables go, this spring has been rainy, which has been a Good Thing.

So I went back a year, downloaded a crapton of graphics, and mushed them all together into the following animated gif. Because, like I said, I was bored. FYI, Mojo lives in the southwest corner of the state, west of the Connecticut river, in the foothills of the Berkshires--in basically the LAST PLACE where the scary red hung on. And, if you can't figure the color scheme out for yourself, the darker the color the more droughty it is. Or, in other words, the redder, the deader.

Drought animation


Try not to overwhelm yourself with excitement.