Yeah: This.

Moby Dick(THE SCENE: Mojo's house. She and the Favorite Husband are watching movies during the weekend, as they are wont to do. The Favorite Husband did the picking this time, and chose the Gregory Peck version of MOBY DICK.

(It is very early in the story. Ishmael has just gotten to the inn where he is going to stay prior to shipping off on the PEQUOD. He encounters a number of New Bedford whaling men carousing in the bar; one of them will end up being Stubb, the second mate of the PEQUOD. When Ishmael spies a graphic picture on the wall of a whale attacking a boat full of whalers, Stubb goes on a fairly long (for a movie) speech about just how gosh-darned DANGEROUS is it to hunt whales, for they are strong and swift and fearless and merciless. The speech ends with the fairly famous line: "Mind, lad: if God ever wanted to be a fish he’d be a whale, believe that--he’d be a whale.”

(Whereupon the two men stare dramatically at one another for maybe ten seconds. It is a lovely cinematic moment. Long enough for Mojo to speak for Ishmael, since it soon becomes painfully obvious to her that the eager young greenhorn is NOT GOING TO SAY IT.)

MOJO: Whales aren't fish.

(Another dramatic pause before the Favorite Husband starts laughing hysterically.)

FAVORITE HUSBAND: You're why we're not invited to parties.