Mojo's Administrative Heart Attack

So one Facebook page Mojo admins is a typical do-goody organization that does nice things for the area. You'd be hard put to find someone wanting to make their lives miserable, though I know such people (and bots) exist. I have been on the innertubes for a long time, and I am usually SCRUPULOUSLY CAREFUL with security and whatnot.

Part of being the admin for a FB page is, you get access to all these stats about hits and clicks and comments and whatnot. I usually stroll by that section every now and then, to keep tabs and make sure folks are behaving. They always are. So after the glut of Thanksgiving-esque posts for this organization, the notifications are invariably chock full of people who appreciate just how nice this organization is. And then I saw this:


Okay, so I have this THING about Evil Clowns. Meaning, I DON'T LIKE THEM. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am! Mojo and Evil Clowns DO NOT MIX. And the next more horrible thing besides actually MEETING an Evil Clown would be seeing a PICTURE OF ONE.

So I see this thumbnail in my notifications feed, and the alarm bells go off. OMG SOMEONE HAS HACKED THE FB PAGE OF THIS REALLY NICE ORGANIZATION AND IS POSTING WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE EVIL CLOWN PICTURES STOP THEM STOP THEM STOP THEM!!!!!11!! And I am idly wondering how in HELL they got in there, and HOW I was going to keep them out in the future.

So while my poor addled brain was scrambling about dealing with this thing RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAY when EVERYONE ELSE IS ENJOYING TIME WITH THEIR FAMILIES, I clicked through to see the whole nasty picture in its entirety. Because despite my extreme dislike of Evil Clowns, professional pride meant I had to get to the bottom of WHY EVIL CLOWN PICTURES ARE SHOWING UP ON THIS VERY NICE GROUP'S FACEBOOK PAGE.

And this is what I found. If you are afraid of Evil Clowns as I am, you might wish to steel yourself.



Yes. Nice people in this nice organization, handing out turkeys.

So there. Happy Thanksgiving!