Avast, Once Again!

Talk like a pirate!Mojo does NOT pay much attention to this--she actually HAS a life--but YEARS ago on a lark she downloaded a module to her content management system that grinds her otherwise sophisticated and snotty-intellectual-type content through a pirate-speak filter once a year on September 19th--International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Every year I promptly forget this a few days after ITLPD, and it does not cross my mind again until I open an obscure page on my website, as I do most mornings, to make sure I am not suddenly overrun with spammers and/or idiots. And, every year on September 19, I have that slight moment of confusion before my brain kicks in (this is usually pre-coffee) and I remember the stupid filter. So every year I feel the need to warn people with this needlessly explanatory explanation.

So happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. And if you are the sort who have been awaiting this day with bated (or, if you really ARE a pirate, perhaps baited) breath, crossing off the squares on your calendars and whatnot, Mojo apologizes and affirms that you do INDEED have a life, despite her crusty grouching above. It's just a tad more pirate-centric than Mojo's. But still, I'm sure, a very worthwhile and productive life. Just go stand over there for a while; it's still early, and Mojo has yet to have her coffee. Yeah, yeah, there--that's fine. Now be quiet for a few minutes. Thank you.