Mojo Offers You PROOF.

FredGranted, Mojo complains about so many petty things it is easy to just kinda tune her out and ignore her many LEGITIMATE and HEART-RENDING ISSUES. Take the new kitten, for example. How could Mojo EVER complain about the CUTEST KITTEN EVAR? I mean, he's sitting here LEANING AGAINST MY ARM as I type! Don't "Awwww" too loud or you'll wake him up!

But having a relatively new kitten means CHANGES in the household, and Mojo is by her very nature somewhat Adverse to Change. And probably the most difficult change I've had to endure since Fred came home is Bathtime.

You see, Mojo tends to take nice, long, relaxing, VERY HOT baths, and one of the very first things we learned about Fred is, HE LIKES THE BATHTUB. Especially when it's FULL OF WATER. So I've had to cool my SCALDING HOT BATHS down to tepid, because at least once a session the little nipper goes for a swim himself.

At first I thought he was just sort of falling in, and he would eventually learn NOT to. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for the smarts to kick in, don'tcha know. But it's starting to dawn on me that Fred is doing it ON PURPOSE.

Anyway, since Christmas I have not had a single bath that has not been TAINTED BY KITTEN, or, as my Favorite Brother now calls it, FELINE ENRICHED. But every time I complain about it, people say, "But cats aren't supposed to LIKE water!"

Ahem. Besides the fact that Maine Coons are actually somewhat known for their water tolerance, variations in temperament occur just about everywhere anyway, so Fred seems to be among those who actually ENJOY water. Sadie herself is not adverse to the tub and likes to lick any water dripping out of the faucet, but Fred.... Fred is in another class by himself.

Anyway, since Mojo is occasionally known for SLIGHT EXAGGERATIONS for COMIC EFFECT, people don't believe me when I maintain the stupid cat jumps into the tub. So I filmed it with my handy dandy iPhone. SO THERE.