Now for sale in the Mojo Merch Zazzle store. Click on the image to see more. Warn others, before the same fate befalls them! Because Mojo Cares About You.

Mojo's Pony Warning


As usual, the entire Craptacular store can be found here. Mojo's also a PRO SELLER on Zazzle. I have no idea what that means, but if I wanted I could display a little badge to that effect. But I don't really want to, since I'd have to look up the image file and all, and--let's face it--you'd just be CONSUMED WITH JEALOUSY when you saw it.


P.S.: I am quite certain my Favorite Mother will wish to express her strong objection to the implications implied by the image above. She will cite the many instances in which I have publicly stated my childhood was nothing less than idyllic. To which I shall respond, I DON'T SEE A PONY YET, MOM.