Moar Stoopid Burds

empty nestSo Mojo's been busy with Real Life stuff, so she hasn't been posting. She's also thinking of a major site upgrade, which will take up some of her precious online time. If she does it well you will not notice much change, just New Stuff Added.

In the meantime, the baby yellowthroats flew the nest (or rather, jumped out and snuck around until they learned how to fly or were eaten by predators) just a day after I put up last post's sequence. So no more birdies to watch. I did put up a video on YouTube of the male yellowthroat valiantly trying to KILL US every time we go to a window at the back of the house. Since you are probably too lazy to click, I will embed it here:


I also decided to resurrect the video I made of another yellowthroat nest in nearly the exact same place a few years back. Try to contain your excitement.



That is all for now. I'm still in the thinking/planning stage of the site upgrade, so that will probably take a while. Not to mention the many other things Mojo is working on...