Mojo's Life Is Indeed a Living Hell.

So first off, yesterday I was jogging up and down my Favorite Older Sister's driveway in a futile attempt to be healthy and in shape, when Rosie and I were VICIOUSLY ATTACKED BY WILD BEASTS. I realize there are those of you out there who might doubt Mojo's Sacred Word, which is why I am glad there are CELL PHONES so that I might record the encounter for posterity. Watch, if you dare:


(Oh, and if you are a Kind Person, don't play this with the sound on when Rosie's around. She gets very upset and thinks I am yelling at her. I WAS, but not NOW. And only "yelling" in the "*sigh*; Mojo's Irish" sense of the word, which isn't really YELLING, but more like Gently Communicating With Volume.)

And just today I'm driving along, minding my own business, when I look ahead and say to myself, what? Are they doing construction? Is the road blocked? Why didn't they put out SIGNS? Only to find that the roadblock was actually a flock of turkeys. Being Mojo, I tried really hard to paste them, but the wily critters scampered out of the way. Better luck next time, I guess.


(And NOOOO, poor people with no sense of humor whatsoever, I was NOT ACTUALLY TRYING TO PASTE THEM. Them birds are HUGE. Would have damaged my car.)