This Just In From the "Just When You Think It's Over" Department:

So a little more than a month ago, your esteemed pal Mojo, fresh from her bruising fight with Zazzle over Summit Entertainment claiming Mojo was somehow infringing on their "TWILIGHT" franchise by having the temerity to put up a lion-and-lamb Christmas card for sale, decided to relax with fambly by going to the Magic Wings butterfly conservatory to cavort with our six-legged friends. (And other-leggeds, since they have things like frogs and lizards and button quail, as well.)

Mojo was still experimenting with her new iPhone, so she took lots and lots of video footage at the butterfly place, which she cut together in a video she threw up on YouTube entitled "Dances With Bugs":


Since it was over five minutes long and, let's face it, Mojo is a money-grubbing hack, Mojo signed it up for YouTube's ad-serving, revenue-sharing dealie. Because Mojo is one of them special YouTube partners who can do that, don'tcha know. Funny thing was, unlike just about every other video Mojo put up for monetization, this one did not go through. It stayed in review-process limbo. So, like many a YouTube partner, Mojo did what you're supposed to do: she disabled monetization and then re-submitted it. She did this a couple of times and never got it to budge. And then came this email:

Dear mojoplace,

Thanks for submitting your videos for monetization. We have disabled monetization on the following videos because we were not able to verify that you have the appropriate commercial use rights for all included content:

* "Dances With Bugs"
Submit documentation for this video

If you can provide documentation that you have the necessary commercial use rights for all elements in your video, please take a moment to learn how to claim rights to a video, and then submit documentation using the links above.

Okay, so, granted, Mojo is starting to get a little over-sensitive about this, but she's also starting to get pretty SICK TO DEATH of these bots continually accusing her of copyright infringement, while others infringe with impunity and go skipping around without a care in the world. Not that I'm about to spend my time narcing on anyone, but jeez! Can't a girl catch a break! Ironically, in neither case am I expecting to make Vast Sums off of this stuff, despite Mojo's OBVIOUS BRILLIANCE. It's just the principle of law-abiding Mojo being accused once again, of doing something sleazy when she most clearly did NOT. I mean, given the amount of pure evil in this world, this video is almost PAINFULLY INNOCENT.

So Mojo has to fire off yet another letter to the Large Corporate Bot In Charge of Copyright Villains. And attempts to plead her case:

The entire piece was shot on my cell phone and edited in FCP and captioned in iMovie. There are NO commercially copyrighted visuals--it's all live. I have no documentation, however, unless you wish me to send you my iPhone. :-)

Unless the issue is the mention of "Magic Wings" itself, which is not a paid product placement, but just to be nice to them. There are so many thousands of butterflies there you can't help but get one or two nice shots that look like stock photos. But they're not.

So Mojo sends this polite little explanation ... and hears absolutely NOTHING in return. Well, thinks she, at least my livelihood does not depend on these things generating WADS of INCOME, because even if I thought they should--which I DON'T--clearly there are those who think differently. And not in a good old Apple Computers' campaign of "Think Different", but instead in a more vile-seeming "Let Us Hound Mojo Off the Internet for Good" sort of way.

So eventually I gave up hoping against hope, and as an experiment I put up a couple of other videos, mostly to see if I was being completely taken off the Partner program or if it was just the one offender. In both cases monetization went through without a hitch in a matter of seconds. So go figure. Maybe YouTube has something against butterflies.

But then the other day, more than a month after I submitted my (non)documentation, I received a reply from "Jane", the YouTube Reviewbot:


Thank you for confirming that you own the rights to commercially use all video material. Your video has been approved for monetization.

We look forward to the next video you submit for monetization.

So there you go. Mojo's record remains unblemished. For now.

In other, slightly happier news, I've noticed in the past two weeks the Alexa rating for this site has suddenly and mysteriously dropped at least 50,000 spots. I nearly almost always hover somewhere between being 450,000th and 480,000th in Alexa rankings, but for some mysterious reason I've been climbing the ladder until now, where I am flirting with breaking the 400,000 mark. Ummm, I don't CARE all that much, and I certainly don't spend HOURS of my life studying SEO or any of that stuff. I just spew stuff off the top of my head and stick it up there.

But over on Facebook a friend of mine who DOES happen to care about SEO and all that stuff happened to mention there had been a recent Google slap, called "Penguin" for some reason. Apparently all the people who care about it are all up in arms, because all their bogus little charades they do to generate Google traffic and search engine rankings has all come back to bite them in the butts. (At least that is my theory.) Whereas clueless Mojo, for once, appears to be benefitting from her philosophy of not caring much one way or another.

This will only be temporary, of course, until the SEO shysters come up with yet other questionable strategies to try to circumvent the Googlebot. But for now, Mojo can't help but giggle a tiny bit...