Okay, I am officially in love....

I did it. My lease was up, so I broke down and bought a new laptop on Ebay. A Mac 17" 1.5 GHZ...1 Gig of memory, 80 gig hard drive. It arrived this afternoon.

I imagined it would be hours of work to decide what software and stuff to move from my old laptop to the new one. Turned out to be easy as pie. Whenever you start up a Mac for the very first time you get that obnoxious animated tour of the machine. But the first thing it asked me was if I had an old firewire Mac I needed files from. It then instructed me to hook the two together via firewire, and restart the old one holding down the letter "T". Then it automatically found all the files and transferred them over to the new machine.

Thus far it seems to have worked. All the apps I've tried to open have opened--FCP, Netscape, word, whathaveyou. The only glitch thus far was my modem settings--it had the wrong password. I switched it back and now it works!

This lit keyboard is great. I'm now typing in almost total darkness just 'cuz I can. They say it adjusts automatically depending on the amount of ambient light. Pretty cool.

Plus I have about twice the disk space I used to have. So no more having to trash things while I'm working on Olmstead, or future videos. Ahhhh....