Mojo's Bloggity Laziness...

Yeah, okay, short holiday weekend, blah blah blah. Still, you'd think Mojo would get off her duff and do something constructive. Not that blogging's all that constructive, but it at least perpetuates the pretense that Mojo is busy doing exciting things and not watching reruns of South Park. (Which we all know she can't, since she doesn't have cable.)

But what I CAN watch is YouTube videos. Especially if they involve Jane Lynch, who Mojo enjoys very much. We've both admired her for many a year, although we always knew her as "oh, there's that funny lady again". We didn't look up who she was until after watching Best In Show or A Mighty Wind. Anyway, Jane was married this weekend at the Blue Heron in Sunderland--why? Because for all its many faults the state of Mass is still the most gay-friendly state in the union, and besides which the Blue Heron is an awesomely good restaurant--and while Mojo is not really a celebrity stalker or fawner or gossip-lover or much of anything besides "who's THAT, again?" I did come across this video of her being interviewed by Katie Couric. And she comes across as the totally charming type that you'd like to have as your next door neighbor.

Ironically, despite my claim that I am a longtime fan, I have never once saw a single episode of Glee. I suspect because it's on too late, and I never got in the habit of taping it, and now that it's popular it's Too Late Now. Along those same lines, I've never once seen Betty White in Golden Girls. So there. Try to have a good weekend, anyway.