Happy Burnday!

Whoohoo! Three years and counting! And, ironically, I woke up this morning to an email saying my new well pump is being shipped! So I will probably be spending a belated Burnday down at the Scene of the Crime installing the friggin' thing. Hooray!

And while I keep thinking of taking another picture so folks can see the changes over the years, but luckily for all of you Mojo's laziness strikes again and you will have to use your imagination. Or you can stroll down memory lane and try to find the pictures yourself, and then just figure it must look better than that by now.

In the meantime, you may celebrate in the calm, dignified manner you are so well known for, and remember the helpful tip I remember from the "Avoiding Future Burns" handout the hospital threw at me, which is: stay away from hot things. Especially if you're drunk.

(And NO, I wasn't drunk at the time. Unless you count perpetually drunk on luuuuvvv for my Favorite Husband. But it is apparently a statistical factor in the cases they see.)

Enjoy the day, and every day!