News Flash: Mojo Is Lazy! (What, You're Just Finding That OUT?)

Instead of posting anything new and worthwhile, I will just point out that blackberry season is in full swing, so I shall repost my video of Rosie stealing them from me.

Some YouTube people have suggested that Rosie's penchant for fresh vegetable material indicates a dog's natural inclination for fresh, healthy food instead of bagged dog food. I am certain such people have never actually OWNED a dog.

Every dog I have ever owned has been more than willing to eat the most disgusting things imaginable. Many times these disgusting things are later on rejected by the animal's stomach because it turns out they are indeed even too disgusting for a dog. My own unfortunate personal experience in this realm--where something deemed "yummy!" by doggie mouth is later deemed "yuck: get rid of it, quick!" by doggie stomach--includes, just off the top of my head, oh, let's see. How about ancient, dessicated road kill? Oh, and let's not forget the pounds and POUNDS of fresh chicken poo, back when we had chickens, later rejected all over the living room rug. Fresh horse poo has the ADDED BONUS of being a refreshing after-bath roll-and-smear, followed by a quick consumption of the delicious remains, followed by the obviously necessary purging of the system an hour later in the house.

So don't go telling me dogs seek wholesome, fresh, quality foods. Dogs seek anything they can fit in their fool mouths.

Enjoy your day!