From Wolves to Sheep.....

Yep, it's the full spectrum of life here on the Craptacular! If you missed the wolves, they're here. And now for a swing in the opposite direction. The Sheep Expert has needed to rearrange work twice in two weeks using the feeble excuse that her ewes were lambing. So to check up on the story we went this weekend to see the little tykes....

Here's my husband practicing his sheep-whispering skills with Aurora, who gave birth two weeks ago.

And here's Aurora's kids. Literally. I forget their names. At two weeks they are cute as the dickens and very friendly. But unfortunately for them there is competition just one stall over.....
Announcing the AMAZING two-headed seven-legged lamb! Shocking, I know! But would Mojo ever lie to you? Well, yeah, in this case I guess I am....
Okay, here's a better family portrait with proud mama. I forget her name. The little guys are two days old. They stand about a foot tall at the shoulder. I wanted to take one home, but unfortunately the Sheep Expert knows how to count to two. Besides, they're still a little afraid of people, and Mom keeps a close eye on them.

Not to be outdone, Aurora tries to force the camera back on her and her family. And at this point the camera gets put away so I can pet them. The End.




Okay, I'll put some videos up, too:

This shows you just how scared the little two-day-old guys are of humans--or at least of Mojo's finger.

Two day old baby sheepies!

(1.7 MB)

The two-week-old guys are much friendlier. Just not to Mojo and her magical finger. Oh well.

week old baby sheepies!

(2.1 MB)