Donate to the Can o' Loot!

Yeppers, here's your chance to add to the pot! Or the kitty. Or the can. Whatever.

If you wish to donate money specifically to the Can o' Loot (that means the big pot that's going to charity, so Mojo won't get her grimy paws all over it), click on the button below.

If you have any special instructions to tell Mojo stuff--like if you want the money donated to be in memory of someone, or you wish it to be anonymous, or whatever--click on the "special instructions" link paypal provides and tell her whatcha want.

I'll update the Can o' Loot totals as well as the donor listing as I get the time. It will NOT be instantaneous. So please don't start accusing me of running off with your donation and not posting it right away. I'll get to it one of these days....Gimmee a holler if your donation isn't up in, say, a week or two.

Oh, and if you are at all interested in actually giving Mojo money--this would NOT be going in the Can o' Loot but instead would go STRAIGHT TO MOJO'S FILTHY PAWS--you will want to click here. Thanks!