We Gots Da Power!

As of 7:08 last night. I had JUST gone to bed, and had JUST got the blankets warmed up, when my old nemesis the well pump started up.

Right in the middle of a good-enough snow storm, too. I was out that morning and came home around 1:00 to stoke the stove and optimistically check for power (of course not). I encountered a virtual FLEET of utility trucks beating it DOWN as I was coming up. It had already started snowing then--maybe an inch on the ground--so I frantically brought some wood in and tried to pick up all the branches and twigs on the driveway so the snow blower won't choke on it. This is a useless pursuit when one owns a retriever, who gaily bounds around finding the sticks you throw and bringing them back to you.

And then with the snow coming down thicker I drove back down the mountain to 1.) use my Favorite Older Sister's bathing facilities, and 2.) use her 'lektricity to check email and 3.) be nearby my Favorite Husband's work so I could pick him up and drive him home in the pickup, since he has been driving a crappy company van.

He was initially not happy with this arrangement and claimed he could get home JUST FINE, but I was shrilly adamant, in my singularly alluring Mojo fashion, and he finally agreed to me picking him up. But of course Work is oh so more important than Saving One's Life, so we didn't actually leave his work until four or so, right in the worst of it. No problem since we have the Taco with four wheel drive and a few hundred pounds of firewood in the back (a last minute salvage to save it from the firewood thieves, but thus far Mojo has been too lazy to take it out), but my sole complaint about the Taco is, the windshield and the wipers both freeze up and every few miles you have to unroll the window and grab the wiper and slap it against the windshield.

Still, by the time we got home to our dark house I was able to beat out of my Favorite Husband an admission that he was glad he was driving the Toyota and not the van. Which just goes to show you what fun it is driving with Mojo for any length of time. We started up the lamps and read for a bit, but I was tired and went to bed around seven. And then heard the well pump.

So eight days without power. And we survived. I would have enjoyed it a great deal more if I didn't have to leave the house every day to do things. Oh well. Things could always be worse...



We still have power, but now the snowblower doesn't want to gear out of reverse. Somehow the linkage is jammed.

I gave up and went inside to take a hot bath. Now I'm at the library. I assume my Favorite Husband will deal with it.

Hopefully before the next snow hits. Yesterday we had about ten or twelve inches. They're predicting another 8 tomorrow.

If Mojo has to shovel she will not be happy.