Craptacular Archives

For those who wish to take a snarky stroll down Memory Lane, I offer these blasts from the past:

The "Holiday Craptacular"

Where it all began. Come experience for yourself an innocent Mojo, unschooled in the ways of eBay, dipping her toe in the water. Ah, the simple life....

The "Spring Cleaning Craptacular"

The second round of Craptacularity. An older, more cynical Mojo snaps at underlings and tipples a bit too substantially from the bottle she has hidden in the lower drawer of her desk. Notice, too, her continued ignorance in mispelling the name "eBay", held over from the Holiday Craptacular. Leave it to Mojo to somehow get something with only four letters wrong.

The Passed Crap Archive

Everything from the daily (well, week-daily) eBay listings, by week. Notice now Mojo at least is spelling the name "eBay" correctly. See, if you give her enough time eventually she stumbles onto doing something right.

Items That Failed to Sell.... :(

Astonishing as it may sound to those who worship Mojo, once in a while people fail to crave a particular item she has for sale. Mojo blames herself, since everyone knows good advertising can sell the most useless, worthless piece of junk to anyone. Feel free to comment and tell her why you think it didn't sell. She SO loves total strangers telling her how to do her job.

Mojo's Carnival of Smiles

Posts pertaining to Mojo's now-infamous injury. They were posted real time, often under the influence of prescription drugs. I have compiled them here to show you that, even when heavily sedated, the complaints continued....