Nest Watch, Day Two

(Count Dracula voice) Two! Two tiny bitty eggs! Bwah ha ha ha ha!

It's starting to look like our tiny gal pal is not being scared off. In fact, I took this photo Wednesday morning before heading out for my day. When I arrived home, Mom Warbler was sitting on the nest as I came up the walk. I was careful not to stare at her or to take any obvious notice of her at all, so she just sat there as I walked by, no more than three feet away. Perhaps she was in the middle of laying more; I don't know.

I have YET to see a male. I'm only guessing she's a yellowthroat because we have them all over the house. But if this little lady has a guy, he's a shy fellow. Female warblers all look alike to me. So there. I'm not the sort of crazed birder who knows all the warblers and sparrows by heart, let alone the drab females.

The dog and the cat have yet to notice. We're careful not to draw attention to the nest if they are around. But still, I suspect, it will only be a matter of time....